30+ Irresistible Ingredients for Your Non Alcoholic Drink Recipes

So you want to start mocktailing, but where do you start? It matters what you put in it! Kick your NA drinking career into gear with this list of irresistible ingredients for your non alcoholic drink recipes.

This post is all about ingredients for non alcoholic drink recipes. 

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Non Alcoholic Drink Recipes

With years of bartending background experience, one of the most asked, least expected questions I get is, “Can you make a good drink without alcohol?”

Well heck yeah! But in the early days (as a new bartender) the first time someone asked, I rudely (asks for forgiveness) laughed it off and was like, “Yeah, here’s a water, NEXT.” Who the heck did I think I was?

My opinion and character have come very far, to say the least! In addition, the question never went away, so in came the reign of non-alcoholic drinks.

Why? Because people love them, they’re willing to wait for the love that goes into making one, and they’re SOOOOO grateful.


Everyone deserves to feel included, and honestly, alcohol isn’t all it cracks up to be. But that’s just my opinion.

The more I cared for the little people, the better of a mixologist I became, and the more of a personal mission it became to care for each of our NA drinkers out there just trying to join the party.

What it really comes down to is what you put into it, besides the love, of course. You have to have good ingredients and you want them to stand out.

This list is a gateway that can help you jump right into being a rockstar-mocktail-concocter.

1. Spirits

Refreshing Non alcoholic drinks

No, not like ghosts, alcohol spirits. Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, bourbon, and scotch are the most common. But this isn’t a bartending lesson, just some info to have if you’re inexperienced. Most people don’t realize how many different non alcoholic spirits there are. I know I didn’t.

At the beginning of mocktailing, we were limited to just making really good mixes without any kind of spirit. Mixing juices, tonics, botanicals, or extracts to get that perfect taste. But we have come a long way. Nowadays easily obtainable dealcoholized or zero-proof alcohol is everywhere you look.

But let me start by being upfront and honest (like always): These are NOT necessary by any means. You can have your cake and eat it too without having a spirit in your mocktails.

That being said, these are so much fun to experiment with!

They can cater to individual needs like diluting your favorites and having that extra drink.

If you are bartending or hosting use them to keep your party in check.

In case someone you know is struggling with alcohol don’t exclude them, support them.

Alcohol abuse comes in ALL shapes and sizes and is more common than you think. Life happens. After all, it’s a legal drug*.

These are so useful for so many things. When you start to get smart about your alcohol consumption it sets the tone in your life and surroundings. You can have a good time, you don’t have to feel guilty about it and no one has to get hurt.

If you have to destress this is a great way to substitute those behaviors that lead to unwanted habits and tragic circumstances.

Forgive me for getting so detailed in this section but,

Awareness is imperative.

Here are some NA spirits that have overall great drinkability, mouth feel, and flavor. These characteristics are popular to look for when choosing and deciding between the right ingredients for your non alcoholic drink recipes.

Monday Gin

Monday Gin is a great alternative to mix in any of your classic gin cocktails like a Gimlet, G&T, or Gin Fizz. This is a very juniper-forward spirit, the main piney flavor you get from a gin. This option is vegan and free of sugar, calories, gluten, and carbs.


Seedlip is the world’s number one non-alcoholic spirit. It’s distilled with the most nature-based ingredients there arefruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and botanicals. Their history of distilling run deep and is immensely inspirational. If you would like to read their story and become inspired click here. Seedlip is hard to compare to any of your basic liquors because it’s a beautiful creation all on its own.

Seedlip’s three varieties include Garden 108 (floral),  Spice 94 (spiced), and Grove 42 (citrus). Each has its own identity to match individual tastes.



Everleaf is an aperitif alternative. Aperetif is just a fancy word for an after-dinner drink but you can drink them any time of day really. There are so many aperitif alternaitve variteies and they make for great spritzers. Everleaf Mountain features strawberries, cherry blossoms, and rosehips. There is something for everyone with their line. They also offer Forest which features saffron, vanilla, and honeyed orange blossom, and Marine which features kelp, bergamot, and buckthorn.

Three Spirit

This is the Three Spirit Livener. It’s an adaptogenic elixir with natural pick-me-up ingredients or “clean caffeine” derived from plants. What sets Three Spirits apart from other na spirits is these actually stimulate your senses in other ways besides just your taste buds.

It’s IMPORTANT to note that this is a livener and it’s naturally HIGH in caffeine so proceed with caution if you’re sensitive to caffeinated products.

If that’s the case it’s TOTALLY OKAY because they also offer Three Spirit Social Elixir which is less of an energy rush but more of a mood enhancer. Also included in the collection is Three Spirit Nightcap which uses natural relaxing herbs to help you unwind.


Spiritless Kentucky 74

This is Spiritless Kentucky 74. It is THE best alternative on the market for whiskey or bourbon lovers. This is one of those NA spirits that can be enjoyed on the rocks just as much as with a mixer which is super rare. It makes an exquisite Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

They also offer this awesome Kentucky 74 Spiced which is a cinnamon whiskey. It goes great in a pretend hard cider recipe or winter coffee mocktail.


CleanCo Spiced

Clean Co is another company that offers a wide variety of spirits but their Clean R spiced rum alternative is top-notch. It mixes great in any rum drink you are used to having. I have yet to find a NA white rum yet, but this one is not overbearing. So if you’re a rum drinker, perhaps this will still be a fine fit for you.

Lyre’s Dark Cane

Lyre’s is an award-winning NA spirit company with a whole line of different spirits to offer as well. I am recommending their dark rum alternative because it’s the best dark rum substitute and there aren’t any other runner-ups. They really made the taste of cane shine in this one. It’s delectable in a Dark N’ Stormy or floated atop a frozen daiquiri.

Trejos Spirits

Trejo’s Spirits is one of the newest competitors to enter the market but it’s never too late because this spiritless tequila is a huge hit! It gives an earthy forward taste and the bite on the back end you look for in tequila. You can make a great margarita on the rocks or frozen. If margaritas aren’t your thing, don’t panic, it’s great in a Paloma or a classic Tequila Sunrise.


2. Everything Frozen

Non Alcoholic Juice Drinks

When it comes to frozen drinks, just like everything else, mixers, mixers, mixers! Consistency is everything. You want something with body to it but not like syrup. They can be so overpowering. I recommend using a mixer that can get you as close to the real flavor as possible rather than imitation syrup mixers that you typically would have in a bar. These are some premade mixes that I recommend because they have good ingredients but mostly, I’m all about natural mixers because they always compliment a drink that much better!  Feel free to get creative and mix in some sort of citrus juice here or there to make everything exactly to your liking.

With any of these ingredients mix them over ice in a blender with or without the appropriate NA spirit and your mocktail is whipped up and ready.

The perfect Pina Colada:

Other Tropical Goodies: 


For anything Peachy:

Sauciest Strawberry Daiquiri:

Frozen Red Sangria:

Frozen White Sangria:

3. All About Bubbles

Beverage Recipes

Tonics, sparkling beverages, seltzer waters, pops, and sodas are not all created equal. The world of bubbles can be steep and tiring. There are flavors on flavors on flavors. Carbonation levels vary, the amount of sweetness, bitterness, and overall pretty much everything you can think of. This list is designed to help cut out all the run around and get straight to what’s good and what’s not. Instead of using the same old basic diet cola and liquid canned heart attacks, use these mixers with the NA spirits as you would with regular spirits. These are out of the ordinary but not uninviting so you can mix up something fancy without having to try too hard.


Elderflower Tonic

Elderflower is lightly sweet and floral. Goes great with any clear spirits flavored florally or with citrus.

Fever-Tree is such a great brand and all of their products are amazing. Their Indian tonic water is perfectly punchy and balanced.

If you are a citrus fan use this yuzu tonic with your favorite NA citrus spirit. Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit with strong aromatics like lemon or lime but better!

Sanpellegrino has introduced a tonic with oakwood flavors. This is such an incredible experience on your palette. Goes great juniper in gin.

Club Sodas/Seltzers:

(Short note) When it comes to this category I am always looking for flavors you don’t see all the time of hardly anywhere because I love bubbles and sometimes they can get basic. Plus our family has parted with mainstream sugary sodas. If you need straightforward, the best club soda/seltzers then choose Fevertree


Aha brand sparkling waters are pretty bubbly. I compare their carbonation to a typical soda. All of their flavors are amazing but this one stands out. It’s pineapple passion fruit. If you love anything passion fruit this is the way to go.

Liquid Death beverages are KILLER. This one is their Convicted Melon. Many melon seltzers can have an overpowering artificial “melon” flavor, but not this one. It’s just perfect. If you are a melon fan, you’ll love this.

Ginger, ginger, ginger!! This is for ginger lovers. It’s got a really nice bite to it for a sparkling drink without being over powering. Sometimes the ginger isn’t enough and sometimes it’s wayyyyy to much. This one hits the sweet spot.

This is probably your new favorite seltzer variety. If you are into interesting botanicals and unique flavors Aura Bora has you covered. It was hard to choose which one to share so this fancy little pack has one of each and they’re all amazing! This pack includes lavender cucumber, cactus rose, peppermint watermelon, basil berry, lemongrass coconut, and elderflower grapefruit.


We all know that I love variety packs! I love it when people have choices and can discover new obsessions. It’s all about the experience. Culture Pop is a prebiotic soda brand. Prebiotic sodas are new to the scene and every member of my family is obsessed! Prebiotics provide dietary fiber that’s super important to gut health and I highly recommend them all. These are delectable treats without all of the compromise.

The rad flavors in this pack include lemon lime & cardamom, strawberry & rhubarb, grapefruit w/ ginger & juniper, orange mango 2/ chili & lime, watermelon lime & rosemary, ginger lemon & turmeric, and wild berry w/ basil & lime.

I was super skeptical when I tried this. Banana cream soda? Bleh! Butttt oh my! It is amazing. It’s delicious and banana-ee in all the right ways. Banana floats are pretty bomb too!

Of course, you have to have a classic cola as well. Curiosity Cola takes the prize when it comes to craft colas. It’s botanically brewed and sweetened to perfection. If you are paying for a spirit or trying to nourish your own, treat it with respect. Show yourself some love with a soda that can love you back.

Wild Bills is a craft soda brand with such nostalgic flavors. Their soda flavors will bring you back to the your favorite parts of childhood when everything was an adventure and we were carefree. Simple. This variety pack includes rootbeer, vanilla cream, orange cream, and black cherry.

4.  Extraordinary Extracts

10 examples of Non Alcoholic beverages

Extracts of all your favorite herbs, fruits, botanicals, and other ingredients are fabulous to have on hand. These are basically concentrated versions of flavors from different foods. They typically have a long shelf-life, meaning they don’t go bad fast. In addition to that, they’re good to use in everything. If you’re cooking, baking, or making drinks, extracts are great for all things delicious. There is more to life than just vanilla extract,  but use the heck out of it if you love it. If you want to expand your range and stay sane, extracts are a totally awesome way to go.

I recommend extracts because not all of us have an herb garden ready to go, or time to infuse our own potions. At least not all of the time. These are easy shortcuts and enhancers for almost anything you are trying to create. Here are a few I like to keep on hand plus a few brands that have a lot to offer.

Angel Bake is a company specifically tailored to creating baking extracts. This makes them safe to consume and exquisite in flavor. This package offers lavender, rose, chocolate, and raspberry flavors.

Herb Pharm has so many different extracts that are great for everyhting. Outside of food, thse were designed to offer holistic healing properties. Its honestly a win-win. Rosemary flavor is robust and should not be underestimated. If you’re looking for other extracts by Herb Pharm try their sage, thyme, cilantro, or hops.

Who doesn’t love ginger? Banyan Botanicals’ ginger extract is powerful. With this extract, a dot is a lot. But sometimes you just want that extra punch from your ginger ale or ginger beer so for this reason I always have ginger extract on hand.

This product and the next product are from Bakto Flavors. I love their extracts and they have such an arrangement. You can purchase their flavors individually or one of their variety pack. You will love how versatile they are. The variety above includes chocolate, banana, strawberry, vanilla, and coconut. The one below includes mango, blueberry, cherry, banana, and strawberry. 

Often you will see bitters as a digestion remedy or to make that old-fashioned with passion but this is a beast all on its own. This is Firewater by Scrappy’s Bitters and it’s absolutely incredible. Bitters is an ingredient made typically from herbs and spices through an alcohol distillation process. Basically, it’s a very concentrated extract or tincture. This one is ALCOHOL FREE—the first product of its kind from this company.

When using bitters, you are literally using a dash or two. This comes from the habanero chili and it packs loud flavor and heat. Use this in any cocktail you want to spice up without having to put much work in. For example spicy up a bloody mary or try it in your favorite margarita.

5. Not So Simple Syrups

Best Non Alcoholic Drink Recipes

This section will include a few simple syrups and additional sweeteners. Simple syrups, plainly put, are concoctions made by dissolving sugar into water. It’s behind every bar and many people make it at home. With the syrups in particular, a little goes a long way so use them sparingly.


This brand of syrup is Liquid Alchemist. They specialize in cocktail syrups that are natural and free from artificial sweeteners. You can use these as an addition to your premade cocktail or you can create a cocktail with this as your best flavor. The flavor I featured is their Prickly Pear. It’s hard to find an authentic prickly pear syrup and this one blows competition out of the water. All of their flavors are crafted in small batches and you can tell.

This makes a difference people, especially when you don’t have alcohol to “mask” the lack of love in mixers.

I recommend every product they have created but some of the tops are their passion fruit, REAL grenadine (which comes from pomegranates), or tamarindo.

The Natrisweet brand makes a monk fruit sweetener with stevia. Monk fruit comes from South China and has an incredibly great sweetness and is far from having the same downside as refined sugar. Stevia is another natural sweetener made from the stevia plant that also does not have the same negative effects as refined sugar. Together they are basically a match made in heaven. You can use them in any drink you could think of.


This is a simple syrup made from pure cane sugar. You would use this anywhere from iced teas to mojitos. It is pure cane sugar syrup so certainly use it with ease. I recommend this because a splash goes a long way

NuNaturals is a simple syrup made from just stevia by itself. It specifically caters to those who are in need of sugar-free sweeteners but using it in mocktails is super rad. Stevia provides its own flavor profile that allows more creativity in the workspace. They also offer a few other flavors including pumpkin spice that make dressing a coffee drink that much easier and guilt-free!

Agave is amazing in everything. Cooking with it is phenomenal. But once you have had it mixed into a drink, it’s like you become another person. Agave is the same plant that tequila is derived from but don’t worry that’s a different process. It has this incredible sweetness that reminds you of honey but with a flavor profile all of its own.

Despite this being a long post, this is only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities for your non alcoholic drink recipes.

Indeed it may seem overwhelming but before you overthink, just start with 2 or 3 items at a time, particularly if you are just starting out. Generally getting a few things here and a few things there is a safe way to go. Eventually, you’ll have a collection of goodies that you can play with whenever you want especially because you’ll be well acquainted with each ingredient.

This post was all about ingredients for non alcoholic drink recipes.