13 Super Thoughtful Gifts for Mental Health

Finding ways to help people struggling with mental health or show you care can be difficult. This list of gifts for mental health was designed to help make it easier for you, so you can support those in your life who need it the most.

This post is all about thoughtful gifts for mental health. 

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17+ Gifts for Mental Health

It’s easy to decide you want to help. But when you decide to help, how do you? There are countless ways to help people who struggle with mental health.

For one, LISTEN. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Give your time. That I believe has to be the most important.

But if you aren’t naturally good at listening, or if you’re living states away and want to do more, sending a gift is a great route to take.

There is ALWAYS a way to help. This list of gifts for mental health is universal to any and all. They are thoughtful which is also important. Being genuine is key when you want to show others that you really care. It could make all the difference in someone’s life.

The order of the items isn’t in any particular order and they can all aid in some way. Whether it be to relieve stress, offer comfort, or cheer up from afar, each item is a great gift for mental health in its own unique way.

1. ZOX Inspirational & Motivational Bracelet

ZOX Inspirational & Motivational Bracelet rocks socks. Small reminders are important and this one goes everywhere with you. When you look for gifts for mental health, surprisingly there are SO MANY bracelets. I thought they were always a cop-out until I found this one. They cater to individuality and that’s super important. This bracelet does that with small batches and global artists. Struggling with mental illness, it’s important to know that you’re heard, that you matter, and that you’re represented.

2. Compendium ThoughtFulls Pop-Open Cards 

Words of encouragement are always a terrific way to remind someone they are important. Communication is so critical and it comes in many forms. If you want to speak to someone, without really speaking to someone or maybe you just don’t know how. Compendium cards will help you over the hump.

3. Pocket Hug 

This is a Pocket Hug. They are super adorable and can hook onto anything. It is an easy way to remind someone you care and that they are never alone. The gift is small but the message is strong.

4. You Are Not Alone: The NAMI Guide to Navigating Mental Health

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or if they’re already aware of their mental illness and are looking for help, you can offer them this book with full confidence that they’ll benefit from it in some way. NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Health. This book was written specifically to help with recovery by providing advice from people who have struggled with mental health themselves. In addition to that, the author has dedicated his life to finding a more suitable way for people and families to heal together and deal with the stigma of mental health.

5. Essential Coping Skills Cards

The Mind Brain Emotion Store has perfected these cards that provide ways for individuals or groups to learn coping skills. With improving mental health comes the need for abilities that may not be easy to find on your own or when you’re not trained and educated on the subject. Which most of us aren’t. We learn by being in the midst of it happening, making it that much harder to see your situation from the outside. Challenging yourself to confront everything in a fun way is a great way to exercise mental health skills.

6. Compassion Blanket

Wolf Creek Co. Compassion Blanket is a wonderufl gift because first of all who doesn’t love a good blanket? It’s also just a really sweet thought knowing you can wrap in a warm hug when there isn’t anyone nearby to give you one. The reminder that its okay to fall asleep at night. They come in a variety of colors and of course they’re super soft and snuggly. Offering comfort is a great way to help someone struggling with mental health.

7. Flō Stress Relief Mindful Necklace

No matter what kind of mental anguish you go through, breathing is essential to getting through it. This doesn’t come obvious to many people. I didn’t think this could be such a game changer but truly, IT IS. Learning to breathe properly is key to getting ahold of stress, anxiety, and many other hiccups people struggling with mental health may encounter. It’s hard to forget to breathe when you can wear a reminder around your neck.

8. Mindsight ‘Breathing Buddha’ 

This is another breathing exercise tool but I want to emphasize how important it is. I find this just as useful and valuable as the Flō Necklace. This is another visual reminder and guide. Using the necklace and the Buddha together will help proper breathing come naturally.

9. 100 Mindful Prompts for Self Care & Stress Relief 

Mindfulness is a process that can be challenging to people who struggle with mental health because sometimes holding ourselves accountable can be a big step. In order to make the big step, you have to start with baby steps. This is a great way for people to challenge themselves by taking tiny steps to become the person they aspire to be. These cards host several different self-prompts and assignments like meditating or trying something new that offer productive, healthy encouragement.

10. Dammit Doll

Dammit Dolls! This is more than your average stress ball. It’s a stress toy with meaning. They have all kinds of patterns to fit any personality. Each doll comes with a perfect little poem encouraging you to use your Dammit Doll when you need it the most. They’re labeled as gag gifts, but I find them to be so much more than that.

11. Tibetan Singing Bowl

I know this may seem random but it WORKS! The sound is like nothing your body has ever experienced before. It’s like rocket power for meditating. The bowl itself doesn’t take any advanced skill, just someone who is willing to give it a tap and have an open mind.

12. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa 

Decadent hot chocolate. It’s like a warm hug in a glass. Any kind of hot chocolate or hot beverage is reassuring, comforting, and a great gift to give. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this one but any option is okay. It’s the thought that counts. Not in a cheesy way but like actually. People need to know that they are loved. You wouldn’t think that this would go far but chocolate stimulates endorphins, the love hormone. You can actually give them a cup of love.

13. Pure Magnesium Oil Spray 

This is my most recent find. It’s magnesium spray. This is the purest way of getting this mineral because your body doesn’t have to process it. It’s super great and calming. Totally natural and beneficial to your mind, body, and spirit.

14. 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story

This book has changed many lives and counting. This is a true story written by Dan Harris. He describes his incredible adventure to finding his own enlightenment. He puts meditation into perspective and helps rid the stigma of meditation just the way we have to rid society of mental health stigmas. It’s a great read and it’s very inspiring.

These gifts are great for anyone and everyone. Mental health is critical to human life on Earth. When one person on the planet is affected, the entire planet is affected. It’s crucial to our population and the blissfulness of life on earth to raise awareness and help those of us trapped in our minds. These aren’t the answers but these little gifts can be a good place to start.

This post was all about thoughtful gifts for mental health. 


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