Does Your Home Smell Good? | 20+ Finds to Make Your Home Smell Good

We can’t deep clean and mop every single day and be full-time parents too. It’s just not going to happen. See through the challenge with this list of your new secret weapons that are guaranteed to make your home smell good for days on end.

This post is all about products that will make your home smell good. 

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Home Smell Good

Keeping your home smelling fresh all the time can come with a headache when you don’t know what you’re doing. Through years of housekeeping, being the oldest in a full household, to now having a full family of my own, I have probably uncovered a new smell every day.

No matter how much we clean there is just something about our family scents that linger. So I got to the bottom of it and went directly to the sources. In each nook, cranny, corner, room, or area where there could possibly be a smell, I sniffed it out.

You will find everything you need here to keep your home smelling tip-top fresh. 

First, the kitchen funk.

The smell of yesterday’s garlic, today’s fish, and all the other day-to-day bang-up odors that like to hang out. Not that we don’t love the smell of fresh food but when you wake up in the morning to walk into your kitchen to smell last night’s dinner, its not exactly how anyone should start their day. Here are some items that will eliminate that problem.


Purriko is a refrigerator deodorizer. Baking soda just doesn’t cut it. It has a 10-year lifespan. This means you will not have to worry about a battery or a replacement until then. ROI, check

Their technology help to eliminate harmful gases in your fridge. These gases speed up the process of rotting in food. There is no cleanup or upkeep. Simply put it in your fridge and let it get to work.

Drains in your kitchen hold everything! It’s like a nasty gunk bank that builds interest over time. But it’s not the interest we are interested in!

Many of us use bleach but that’s old news and the secret is, it doesn’t really work. The smell comes back or it just reaks of old bleach smell. In addition to that, it’s not safe around your family. Renuv garbage disposal tablets are quick and easy and are designed to tackle all the unwanted mess that is left behind. Each box is a one-year supply.

Same Brand as above and same idea. The drains in your dishwasher have food and waste probably laying around from 2 months ago. Even though you are constantly running and washing dishes, the excess has to go somewhere. Renuv dishwasher tablets cut through lime buildup and even hard water stains. This box is also a one-year supply.

Oh SAPADILLA! You will not find a better-smelling, common household product than this one. They make all kinds of products but this one is for countertops. It will make your kitchen smell AMAZING.

They use pure essential oils and their packaging is biodegradable. You can even just buy the all-purpose cleaner refill if you decide you love it that much. If grapefruit and bergamot aren’t your style you can also try their lavender & lime or their rosemary & peppermint.

Trash Ninja makes a trash can deodorizer that you stick right inside your can. You can put it on the lid or inside on the wall. It naturally absorbs smelly odors with a carbon filter design. This package includes a 6-month supply. I just buy 2 at a time for a one-year supply.

Aunt Fannies is another brand you’ll hear me talk a lot about. This floor cleaner is vinegar based. Vinegar, oh no, what do you mean? I know, but yes. Don’t worry it won’t smell like vinegar. It’s safe on all surfaces. The best part is the SMELL! When one scent runs out, I buy the next and keep switching them out. It comes in lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon.

Second, your main living area.

The center of your life with your family. Besides the kitchen and perhaps your family car, this is the main traffic area in your home. Everyone and all their outside smells are at some point rubbed off around your living room area. Here are a few ways that you can keep it fresh in your common living space.

The old reliable carpet sprinkles. At least that is what I call them. If you have area rugs or a whole carpeted house, these are a definite must. There are a bunch of different brands on the market but again we are looking to keep that house smelling good. So Good Natured’s use of eucalyptus and lemon natural essential oils is reassuring. Its also non-toxic and safe around kids and pets.

This is another carpet freshener. I included it because Aunt Fannies is another awesome reliable brand. I  like options so I try to make sure that readers have a choice too. That way you can purchase the product that fits your life and preferences best.

Fresh Wave deodorizer beads go right into your vacuum cleaner! Yes, clean while you’re cleaning. No matter how many times I would wash the vacuums, clean the filters, change bags, or clean the canisters of fancy vacuums no matter what, it blows out the smell of everything you have ever vacuumed. It’s awful. But not anymore. Drop these in any vacuum in your home and say goodbye to stale old odors.

I love to keep Zero Odor for the living rooms. The main reason is that instead of masking odors with a nice scent just eliminate it. This way your beautiful smelling scents will not be intermingled with the icky. Basically, you’re giving yourself a clean slate. You can use it anywhere but I mainly use it on our couches and curtains. It’s kiddy and fur baby safe.

PRO TIP: Buy these glass spray bottles, mix water at a 4 to 1 ratio with your favorite fabric softener, and this is a great way to freshen your couches and drapes. I try to spray once a day when I know the living room will be empty. Like early in the am or once everyone is on their way to bed.

 Third, all those bedrooms.

Your bedrooms, kids’ rooms, guests’ rooms, all those somewhat less open areas. They like to hide smells in places you didn’t even know could exist. It’s different when you live by yourself I guess, (I wouldn’t know, I’ve always had someone to care for, always) but when your place is home to more than one body, things just start to happen. Smells happen. Nip your bedroom smells in the butt by sticking to a couple of good smell rituals.

Air purifiers are a huge help in tackling unwanted odors. I think people really underestimate the power of a good air purifier. My family and I are all allergy prone. Always with the sniffles and sensitive to smells.

These Germ Guardian air purifiers are small and discreet and plug right into an outlet like those old-school air fresheners (plug-in air fresheners don’t work, don’t waste your time or money). These do require that you buy their special UV- C light bulbs because they don’t use filters. Treat them like any other bulbs in your house. Buy a couple and don’t worry about it.


Stash one of these bamboo charcoal absorbing bags in each closet of your home. These bags naturally absorb odors. The coolest thing about these is how long they last. Every month you take each of them and put them in the sun. This is like an odor release method and its almost like the are “recharged”. You can do this with them for up to 2 years!

Classic sachets. They come in all shapes and sizes. This variety pack by Flame Date offers 6 fragrances and each sachet lasts at least 2 months. They have motivational sayings and different prints. Just absolutely irresistible.

In addition to the ones above, these are also sachets but again I like variety. I use these lavender sachets for drawers in particular. But on the real, I just stick them wherever I can find a place. I like when things ALWAYS smell good.


This spray is excellent in bedrooms. Drmtlgy is a brand that is specifically focused on skin care. I use their linen mist because it’s aimed to be safe on the skin. When you’re in bed, your skin is probably most exposed. It’s important that you get that fresh smell without compromising your skin. You can choose between lavender & chamomile, green tea, or fresh linen.


Finally, butt of course, bathrooms.

Bathrooms catch the back end of it all (pun intended)! Showers, diasters, early mornings, late nights, they see it all. These are ride-or-die products that will tick it through every situation leaving your potty room stink free.


Here’s that Sapadilla again. Trust me once you try it, you will be obsessed. I am not joking. This is hand soap that is so good people will HAVE to wash their hands on the way out of the bathroom. Just get the variety three-pack and see for yourself. It’s their signature scents of grapefruit & bergamot, lavender & lime, or rosemary & peppermint.

Not all bathrooms have showers, I totally understand. But the ones that do, replace your liner with a Liba reliable one. Cheap liners harbor germs and moisture which lead to mold. Not only is it totally smelly but its SUPER bad for your health. Keep it fresh with one of these. They also offer a fabric liner in different colors which is also machine washable and waterproof.

The infamous Poo-Pourri. Just do your whole household a favor and live by this. It’s almost as cool as magic. There are so many different scents and it REALLY works. We keep one in every bathroom and there are always back ups under the sink.

I just discovered these not long ago. There are a couple of different brands but I am just a fan of scrubbing bubbles. If you prefer Lysol, here is their brand of the product. Scrubbing bubbles fresh gel is a much better version of those weird toilet hanger things. Bleh, they smell weird and unwelcoming. This helps keep your bowl fresh by putting a little dab of this near the brim or your toilet bowl. With every flush, the fragrance is activated and it also helps keep your toilet clean. It’s a win-win.

Last but not least, scented bags for your bathroom can. This box is an 80-count. This scent is called Beachside Breeze. If this isn’t your style they also have Sweet Citron & Lime. If you buy a box for each of your bathrooms stick them under the sink and forget about it. The box lasts us about a year.

Bonus Content!

These are just a few more items I wanted to include. These are more catered to your taste and home dynamic. All the other products are great for all homes and really help you achieve your goal of making your home smell good. These are just additional products you can invest in to make your home smell EXTRA amazing.

Diffusers are super popular and I love them. Essential oils I live and die by. This diffuser comes with 10 oils to get you started. They are great for bedroom nightstands or offices. When purchasing a diffuser remember you have to keep it very clean the water has to be refilled. If you have small children or pets be mindful of where you set it up.


This is a trend that I think will take off very soon. Fresh dried eucalyptus and lavender are super fragrant, naturally. When you hang them in your shower the steam releases oils that work all kinds of miracles for your body. Plus they smell SUPER good. They can be a little finicky because they are dried and packaged by hand. When you deal with them just remember to do it outdoors. Hemp string works really well for bundling. Also, you should definitely get drawstring bags to make your own sachets with whatever falls.  It is SO worth it.

Diane’s custom candles are odor-eliminating and soy-based. They have an 80-hour burn time and come in all kinds of scents. For candles, they’re really strong but I feel the fresh linen is perhaps more neutral and not so overpowering (that’s personal preference, try something that makes YOUR nose gleeful).


This is Funkaway Big Jobs aerosol spray. It is designed to eliminate odors on items we just can’t fit in the washer. They have an entire line of products to tackle odors. This is good to have on hand for rowdy kids or pets.

Air Jungle makes these shoe deodorizers. The baking soda balls worked for a while but I find these ones pack a little more punch. Plus again, options! Besides linen, they come in lavender, green tea, honey peach, ocean, french osmanthus, and flora bliss. Pick the scent you personally prefer.


When it comes to making your home smell good, it’s really the little things here and there. Getting used to these little rituals will make it 10 times easier to keep the fresh smell on the busiest days in your house. Let’s not encourage nose blindness and just eradicate the smells altogether!

This post was all about products that will make your home smell good. 


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