Summer Safety for Kids | 16 Essentials for Effortless Outdoor Fun

These items are for kids and toddlers mostly but some are universal. Many of them are super important and some of them are necessary. Take a scroll and stock up for your troop.

This post is all about recommended items that are essential to summer safety for kids. 

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Summer Safey For Kids

If you’re hosting your grandkids, watching nieces and nephews, taking your own tribe on a trip or even just playing in the backyard, we all have to brush up on our summer safety for kids. When I was a new parent (still realllllllly new), I would forget something, literally EVERY time.

and I paid for it, EVERY TIME. Bug bites, sunburn, melted snacks, hot water, not enough water, wet seats, oh my, the list is like endless. Just mistake after mistake.

Grab a bag and toss each of these items right on in and let go of your worry because you got it covered! It is better to be safe, than sorry!

1. Bug repellant

Wondercide, mosquito, tick, fly, and insect repellent with natural essential oils is the way to go. This spray is deet-free (the chemical that is bad on the skin) and plant-based. This spray is safe for everyone from babies to adults. 

2. Mosquito bracelets

Nothing is worse than when bugs start to invade on your outdoor days. Sometimes we miss little areas and well the bugs will find them. These Cliganic mosquito repellant bracelets will give an extra barrier to that spray. You can wear these bracelets on your ankles or wrists. They are super convenient for kids but also good for adults.

3. A cool-down towel

Sukeen Cooling Towel, get a pack and live by them. They have some fancy awesome technology that activates after they get wet in water. You soak it, wring it out, snap it, and it’s cool! Use it for your little athletes during any outdoor summer activities where, at amusement or water parks, and anywhere your little one might risk getting overheated. These are an A1 go to for sure.

4. Some type of head-covering.

SwimZip kid’s sun hats are unisex and come in all different colors. They offer sizes from 0-6 months all the way up to 14 years old. UV protection is super important and it doesn’t end at sunscreen. Protecting their noggins comes at a whopping cost of priceless! Get the hats!

5. Arm sleeves

Geyoga Ice Silk Arm Covers are great for any time. They really come in handy on your 3rd or 4th day in the sun. Because one thing is for sure, trying to keep your kids out of the sun, goooood luck!

With these, they can still have their breezy short sleeves on and UV protection on their arms. It is way different than trying to keep them indoors or wearing a long sleeve shirt in the heat.

6. Sunscreen

Stream to Sea Ecostick mineral sunscreen is the best. It’s waterproof, sweat resistant, and safe on those kiddies! Depending on how long your daily adventures are you may have to reapply. That’s okay though because it’s an easy application bar.

No more sticky, goopy, foul smelling, I don’t know what’s in this, pastes to put on your kids. This is an easy, safe, no-mess, solid solution. (also: their packaging is reef friendly and biodegradable!!)

7. Yes, more skincare(:

I can’t express how important skin protection is. Sometimes even after all the things and extra protective gear, the sun may have managed to get through somewhere. This aloe and green tea gel by Stream to Sea can help out. It offers soothing comfort from the cooling sensation.

This brand is your new favorite because it’s also good for bug bites. Getting ahead of any ailment is always the goal.

8. Hydration

SOS Kids is specifically designed for rehydration in active kids. It’s not full of sugar like many of the sports drinks we all know and love. Plus it’s overflowing with key minerals including magnesium and zinc. No preservatives, no fake colors, and non-GMO. Just pour into some water and go!

9. A reliable cup

KIKI line by Pura Brands. They are going to change the world. Why I stand by these cups:

  • Not a one-time use
  • They are practical
  • They are CLEAN

Man, so many reasons, okay. This cup I wish came into my life sooner.

Every lid fits every bottle<—-. With this bottle (above) all you have to do is buy the next-level lid for your little one. Like this:

They offer smaller bottles, snack containers, and bigger canteens for big kids and adults. They grow with you and your family.
(If you’re trying to make that step with plastic in your household and around your kids, this is a great way to take the first step.)

10. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important for your little one on bright days. These glasses are specifically designed for kids ages 2-6 years. They’re virtually indestructible. These ones are made by Jan and Jul. They’re a super reliable brand. I’m always looking for one-time buys. You need items that won’t break your pocket but will last too. The goal is to stop buying things over and over again.

11. Shade

This SUMELAY pop-up tent has so many other uses besides just at the beach. Anytime you need shade anywhere. It’s super convenient. You know we are all about convenience.

Your tykes need a place to get out of the heat altogether and away from the sun. This is the way to go. The material is also UV-safe. If you’re at a cookout, the park, a pool, or if your backyard doesn’t have any shady trees. Just pop this thing up and you’re ready to go.


12. Towelettes

These are crucial. We have all had that day, being out and about, being a beautiful family, and whatnot. You turn for one second, then all of a sudden you look at your child and they’re almost unrecognizably covered in who knows what.

So what do we do? Dive in with the “wipee bath”. Well, guess what. There is a reason they’re made for bums.  They hardly work anywhere. When they do, you’ve used a hundred of them.

These are great for cleaning up that kiddo, FOR REAL. They are literally called Wash Yo Self.  So they can get on with their day and be safe from germs and all the other fun stuff they get caught between their little fingers.

13. Shoes

So, my kid use to wear all kinds of sandals and water shoes and this and that. She takes after me and she is clummmmbsy.

So one day we’re out at the park. She’s playing her little heart out when she, of course, she trips. Probably over her own foot, but she tripped.  She had the cutest little sandals on but her toes were exposed and she nearly shredded the whole tip of her big toe off on the concrete. It was devastating for both of us.

Protect their little feet so they can stay the busy bees that they are. This brand, Dream Pairs range from toddler up to a child size six and there are plenty of colors to choose from. Perfect for all outdoor activities AND gosh forbid, no bloody toes to patch up.

14. Snack Containers

Everusely containers are  PLASTIC FREE. Designed with you in mind and 100% leakproof. I particularly like them because they stay at a cooler temperature when they are packed in with your cooler items because they are stainless steel. Especially for a hot day, it makes all the difference with fruits, cheeses, vegetables, and dips when you’re out and away from your home.

15. Bandaids

These are hands down the best band-aids ever. They are called Bravery Badges.  Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? The moment it’s time to reveal that boo-boo, patch it up with a bravery badge. They are waterproof so they won’t come off with sweat, washing hands, or any of that. (If you do however need to take it off, use baby oil and a cotton ball, it should help)

16. Wet Dry Bags

These are sweet to have on your person at all times. Wet clothes or dirty clothes are INEVITABLE. It is just a part of life with children. These nifty little bags are great if you use cloth diapers too.

If you have wet bathing suits and need to change the kiddies into fresh clothes this is perfect. Throw the wet or soiled clothes right into the bag. It will protect the inside of your car, diaper bag, wagon, backpack, and all of that.

To sum it all up, outdoor summer safety for kids starts by being prepared. Start a bag or a kit and designate it for all of your outdoor items that kids need so they are readily available to you.